Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Whisky 70cl, a Blended Whisky from Japan.

Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Whisky 70cl

Blended Whisky
Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

Togouchi Kiwami

Togouchi blenders combine their expert skills and delicate senses to identify the unique qualities of malt and grain whisky, and blend them to ensure the perfect balance between a moderate peaty aroma and a mild finish.

The warm winds from the Seto Inland Sea and the cold winds from the mountains cause a large temperature difference throughout the year resulting in rapid maturation of our barrels in the Sakurao warehouse. The Togouchi warehouse utilizes an old railway tunnel that maintains cool temperatures regardless of the season, allowing the whisky to slowly mature over time.

In these natural environments, the casks are allowed to slowly breathe over time, resulting in the beautiful golden color, unique aroma, and refined taste of Togouchi blended whisky.

Tasting Notes

A grain whisky with different features (an unblended whisky with a soft sweetness and an unblended whisky with rich minerals and grains) blends a well balanced peat aroma and a malt whisky that has a soft sweetness like vanilla and chocolate. Utilize the youthfulness, the whisky has been finished with a light flavour but comes with a kick.

Colour: A light golden color.

Nose: It has a youthful aroma, but a slight peaty aroma can be noticed followed by sweet honey, nuts and corn flakes.

Palate: It has a light and mild taste. A sweet aroma that reminds you of grains and honey gives it a mellow feeling.

Finish: The slightly peaty aroma dominates the aftertaste.