Tenute Rubino Palombara

Tenute Rubino Palombara


Tenute Rubino Palombara

The rebellious eye is immediately distracted by the extremely colorful label, you’re tempted to climb into it and explore the world inside. But the Nose is there, tapping impatiently, and the Eyes have to turn back to the glass. Dressed in a lovely deep red, reminiscent of black cherries. “Oh finally, it’s our turn!”, the nostrils snap. Delicate but enveloping spices, they gracefully unroll into a tableau vivant of violets, black cherries, red currants and thyme.

Tasting Notes 

The Palate is surprised and a little taken aback by the light crispiness of the wine. “It’s a primitivo”, the bright Eyes read out while still lost in the label’s art, “it comes from a particular area, Tenuta Palombara”. The taste buds are all a quiver, wanting to dive deep as well, down breathlessly into the liquid. They find a fresh juicy trail, a fine smoothness, a lively substance and at the end voilà the fruit returns and crashes into the cloaked waves of flavors.

Grape: Primitivo

Ageing: 16 months in stainless steel, 6 months in bottle.

Best served with: Start enjoying yourselves, discovering with your friends this primitivo with some Apulian panzerotti, followed by a plate of cranu stumpato (grains from Brindisi) with tomatoes, basil and ricotta marzotica, followed by goat with lampasciones.

Serving temperature: 15ºC to 18ºC