Teeling 15 Year Old Japanese Edition - Explorers Series Whiskey

Teeling 15 Year Old Japanese Edition - Explorers Series Whiskey


Teeling's Explorers Series is all about discovering unique whiskey profiles that celebrate a country's character. Here Teeling takes inspiration from Japanese drinks culture, bringing us a 15 year old whiskey that has spent four of those years maturing in mugi shochu casks.

Mugi shochu is a Japanese spirit distilled from fermented barley. It can be unaged, or matured in oak casks. And you might be thinking 'hey, sounds a lot like how you'd make whiskey' – the profile of aged mugi shochu has indeed been likened to single single malt – but there are a whole number of key differences that make it distinct. One of the differences is that the barley is inoculated with a fungus called koji, which can bring a wide array of flavour notes, like lychee and melon, along with nutty, mushroom savouryness.

An intriguing and delicious expression from Teeling, proving experimentation and exploration in the world of whiskey pays off.


Nose: Candied apples, lychee and jasmine tea, alongside a coating of mellow vanilla sweetness, fruit pastries and spice.

Palate: Burst of lychee and passion fruit with poached pears, gingerbread cookies and golden syrup.

Finish: Sweet mellow finish with soft wood tannins, dried fruits and refreshing crisp after taste.