Ta' Betta Wine Estates - Philippe Villiers

Ta' Betta Wine Estates - Philippe Villiers


Inspired by Philippe Villiers de l’Isle Adam, the French Grand Master warrior-knight who took over Malta in 1530 after the loss of Rhodes to the Ottoman Empire.

This robust blend of Syrah with Cabernet Franc typically conveys forest-fruit on the nose with undertones of tobacco, black and bell pepper. Up until 2019, the Syrah to Cabernet Franc blend was 70% to 30%, this has since changed to 65% to 35%, the more recent vintages arguably more exotic.

The vines were mostly planted in 2003 and the yield is restricted to up to 1.8kg per vine for the Syrah and up to 1.6kg per vine for the Cabernet Franc.

This wine is best stored and served at a temperature of 18°C and complements strong meat dishes, stews, and lightly spiced aromatic food.

From experimental vintages dating back since 2006, it is not unreasonable to expect this wine to age at least 10 years, we trust that some vintages will last a few decades. Circa 12,000 bottles are produced annually depending on yield and weather conditions.

Decanting one hour prior to consumption is recommended.