Soalheiro Nature Pur Terroir, a white wine from Monção e Melgaço, Portugal.

Soalheiro Nature Pur Terroir

White Wine
Portugal | Region: Monção e Melgaço
Vintage: 2018 | Grape: Alvarinho
Volume: 75cl | ABV: 12.5%
Food Pairing: Fish and white meat dishes.

An “Out of The Box” Soalheiro

The colour and the aroma of the Soalheiro Nature are intense, with a complex flavour profile which demands to be discovered with enthusiasm: it is, after all, a 100% Alvarinho, made without added sulphites and with complete alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Following viticultural practices that value biodiversity, this Soalheiro is made with grapes of the Alvarinho variety. The wine is bottled unfiltered, so there may be a deposit inside the bottles. This deposit plays an essential role in protecting this one-of-a-kind Soalheiro from oxidation and allowing the wine to age gently.

This Soalheiro was created in pursuit of pioneering in Alvarinho, with the constant desire to surpass set expectations, assuming dimensions with remarkable personality and the continued will for Soalheiro to be recognised and humbled as an Alvarinho specialist.

Tasting Notes

The colour and aroma are intense and despite the absence of added sulphites, the aroma and the taste have minerality and fruit. The flavour is complex with soft and round onset due to the complete malolactic with a marked and intense finish.

Grape variety: 100% Alvarinho. 

Vinification: The Alvarinho grapes are hand-harvested from the Quinta de Soalheiro vineyards, which are grown using wine growing practices that support biodiversity and the viticultural ecosystem, and promote environmental sustainability. 

Best served with: Fish and white meat dishes. A wine best accompanied by food.