Soalheiro Mineral Rosé, a rosé wine from Monção e Melgaço, Portugal.

Soalheiro Mineral Rosé

Rosé Wine
Portugal | Region: Monção e Melgaço
Vintage: 2020 | Grape: Alvarinho & Pinot Noir
Volume: 75cl | ABV: 12%
Food Pairing: As an aperitif, with light salad or seafood dishes.

A Wine For Many Occasions

With its elegance and minerality, this Soalheiro is a wine for everyone - of every (drinking) age and sex - and for many occasions. Newly launched in 2017, this wine is only in its fourth vintage. Consisting of a blend of Alvarinho (70%) & Pinot Noir (30%), the wine owes its persistence to Pinot Noir and its elegance to Alvarinho with a moderate alcohol content. 

The terroir of Monção and Melgaço holds enormous potential that still remains to be fully explored; it is not only limited to the production of the excellent single-varietal, unique Alvarinho. Quinta de Soalheiro is also venturing into the world of Rosés with the launch of the Soalheiro Mineral Rosé. The aim is to challenge connoisseurs to try a Rosé that may not be to everyone’s liking, as it does not have the intense sweetness and smoothness normally associated with Rosés.

Tasting Notes

A wine with a delicate pink colour, aromatic and fresh at the same time, with a mineral palate and intense flavour.

Grape variety: 70% Alvarinho & 30% Pinot Noir. 

Vinification: The Alvarinho produced in high-altitude vineyards, with its intense, fresh and mineral character, receives the addition of Pinot Noir, which is also grown in this region and brings a more aromatic and elegant element to the blend. This creates a wine which is aromatic and fresh at the same time, with a mineral character and intense flavour.

Best served with: The Soalheiro Mineral Rosé can be enjoyed as an excellent relaxing aperitif, as it is very much in line with the current trend of consuming wine by the glass. It is also a perfect accompaniment for lighter dishes such as salads, fish or shellfish.