Ron Barceló Gran Anejo

Ron Barceló Gran Anejo


Ron Barceló is a premium rum producer that was founded 1929 and entirely produced in the Dominican Republic, in line with the designation of origin requirements. Uniquely different because it's made not from molasses, like most rum, but from 100% sugarcane juice that comes from the company’s own plantations in San Pedro de Macorís, and fermented, distilled, and aged in the Dominican Republic. This commitment to quality ensures that only the best and most brilliant sugar cane goes into Barceló Rum.

Fruit of the perfect blend of the finest Dominican rums, patiently aged for up to six years in ex-Bourbon oak barriques. Barceló Gran Añejo is a rum rich in depth and balanced nuances.

Amber in color. Pleasant hints of chocolate and vanilla followed by a subtle flavor of caramelized nuts and a semi-dry body. It ends with a gradually fading caramel nut butter flavor.