Pico Maccario - Vita
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Pico Maccario - Vita

Led from the beginning in 1997 by the brothers Pico and Vitaliano Maccario, the winery is a symbol of modernity both in the vineyards management and the production of wines: the goal is that of reaching the highest possible quality, that, thanks to a precious teamwork, begins in the vineyard, continues to the cellar. The average elevation of estate's vineyards is 180 meters and the soils are based on clay. Pico Maccario credits the quality of their wines to the large proportion of old vines, some of which are over 80 years old.

A beautiful white wine made from selected Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Long fermentation to create the perfect balance both on the nose and on the palate. Exotics fruits, rounded with a long persistent finish. Great with cheese and fish.