Nikolaihof Riesling 1997

Nikolaihof Riesling 1997


Nikolaihof Riesling 1997

Nikolaihof's Riesling Vinothek is one of the more mysterious and singular bottlings in the world of fine wine.The decision to make a "Vinothek" at Nikolaihof is made at a very young age, based on a certain potential, on a certain indescribable quality.Once the decision is made, however, the rest is just patience. Vinotheks are held back, kept in large oak casks, undisturbed, for a very long time - well over a decade.The 1997 marks the fifth Vinothek release and the third Riesling release.If the 1990 became a cult favorite and the 1995 enjoyed sudden celebrity from a sterling review from the incredibly sharp David Schildknecht, then the 1997 may turn out to be the most impressive one to date. This is a haunting, endlessly fascinating bottle of Riesling. 

Tasting Notes 

1997 in the Wachau is one of the great vintages of the past twenty-five years. The 1997 Riesling Vinothek shows the intensity, the precision and general completeness of the vintage very well. 

Grape: Riesling

Ageing: 17 years of maturation in a wooden cask holding 3,500 litres

Best served with: Great with traditional white fare light salads, light starters, fish, and white meats but also a surprisingly good pair with spicy foods like Indian and Thai dishes.

Serving temperature: 12º - 13ºC. Because of their unique, oxidative aging process, "Vinotheks" develop for a long time once open - in fact they very much need air. Opening this bottle many hours before you drink it, even a day before, will only bring the wine out of its shell.