Masso Antico - Primitivo

Masso Antico - Primitivo


A customer favourite, Masso Antico Primitivo. You might know Primitivo by its international name ‘Zinfandel’. But unlike its larger than life and overripe American counterparts, this red Masso Antico Primitivo has a touch of black pepper and spice which is typical of Italian reds produced in the southern region of Puglia.

Masso Antico grapes are cultivated just like in ancient Roman times in the Mediterranean area: using what is called the “Alberello” method.

This combined with local sea breezes, intense Mediterranean heat and some oak barrel ageing results in a full-bodied wine, with a deep ruby red colour, mature fruit aromas and spicy notes, soft tannins a touch of vanilla on the finish.

You will definitely want a second glass of this little gem, rated 99 points from wine expert Luca Maroni, with your favourite pizza or tomato based pasta dish.