Martin Miller's Gin 70cl & Branded Glass Gift Set

Martin Miller's Gin 70cl & Branded Glass Gift Set

Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

The Gift Set

This Gift Pack comes with a 70cl bottle of Martin Miller's Gin, distilled in England and shipped to Iceland to be mixed with their spring water, and a long-stemmed glass with the Martin Miller logo on it. Perfect for those picky people who won't drink their gin out of some inferior glass.

Martin Miller's Gin

Martin Miller's Original Gin, is pot distilled using two separate distillations of the very best earthy and citrus based botanicals. This imparts its unique balance of citrus and juniper.

The final distillate is blended to strength using Icelandic spring water. It emerges in a state so pure that there is no need to artificially demineralize or distill it, giving the gin its gentle bouquet and trademark sensation.

Tasting Notes

Smooth and citrus. An excellent balance where juniper is still dominant but a citrus freshness is also allowed to shine through. A gin that ‘tastes of gin’.

Nose: Its alcohol level enhances a smooth flavour with lemon peels and pine notes.

Palate: The slight liquorice sweetness enhance the citrus and spiced sensations.

Finish: Long and fresh feeling with lemon notes.