Maison Ventenac Les Dissidents L'idiot, a red wine from Languedoc-Roussillon, France.

Maison Ventenac Les Dissidents L'idiot

"Red Wine
France | Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Vintage: 2019 | Grape: Merlot
Volume: 75cl | ABV: 13.5%
Food Pairing: Beef, pasta, veal.

Maison Ventenac Les Dissidents L'idiot

I am not drinking any fucking Merlot! This familiar phrase among wine lovers might well be true… if it wasn’t spoken by a complete idiot. When Merlot grapes are vinified without sulfur, using native yeast, and then aged in concrete vats, Merlot can produce the sort of nice, feisty wine that is in this bottle!". A free winemaker

100% Merlot and declassified as Vin de France, this is part of the limited bottled ”Les Dissidents” range. Following a number of experiments, a whole instinctive range comprised of micro-cuvees and varietal wines, produced by the appellation, in truly exclusive, libertarian style. A limited number of bottles with a choice of what the winemaker believes to be the best varieties of soil, this unclassified range of French wine defies the institutions, their regulations and conventional wine.

Yield of just 35 hectoliters per hectare with non sulfite fermentation with indigenous yeasts and bio-protection (by using non saccharomyces yeasts to avoid brettanomyces.) Post fermentation maceration for 10 days at 35 degrees Celsius, malolactic fermentation and aging for 3 months in concrete tanks.

Tasting Notes

A juicy, explosive, and unique wine! Fresh, intense, and mineral. The kind of wine that could change the image of merlot. Fresh and crunchy with grassy fruit and fine tannins.