Lheraud Cognac VS

Lheraud Cognac VS


From 1860 to the present day, the family has forged a unique identity rooted in a distinctive land where passion and discretion are words to live by. Alexandre Lheraud, who settled in the Petite Champagne region to serve the local chatelain, or chateau keeper, was the first to plant vines in this garden. The family of fine temperament and steadfast work ethic expanded the estate and honed their method. An ancestral bond with the Charente region passing down their memory of the land and the care they put into their product. That is what imbues Lheraud cognac with its singular style, which harnesses the past to shine in the present. Today's owners - Andrée and Guy Lheraud - focus on producing Cognac strictly on a traditional basis, and continue to work tirelessly to introduce their products to more countries and communities around the world.

Lheraud VS Cognac is, like everything offered by this family house, produced in the traditional way used in the region for generations. It is a VS quality Cognac, and produced only from eaux-de-vie from the Petite Champagne terroir.

Gorgeous golden orange color that catches the light and hints at the complex flavors within. A varied symphony of grapes, creamy crème brûlée, zesty citrus notes and a subtle nuance of vanilla charms your olfactory senses. The texture in the mouth is soft and luxurious, offering the delicious sweetness of vanilla, the power of crème brûlée and the liveliness of citrus zest and grapes. Each sip is a dazzling celebration of the richness of the Petite Champagne terroir.

This Cognac can be enjoyed neat or perhaps combined with your favorite mixer to make a refreshing long drink.

The bottle is attractive, and comes in a cardboard presentation box.