La Piu Belle Champagne 2009

La Piu Belle Champagne 2009


Born under the lucky star of plentiful nature and from an early harvest from selected plots, the 2009 vintage reflects La Piu Belle Champagne singularity and energy: a remarkable Cuvée, of extreme finesse carried by a Chardonnay-led freshness combined with the delicious maturity of a twelve-year ageing in our chalk cellars.

It is also VIK’s first incursion into the world of Champagne, and for Alexander Vik, the winery’s founder and owner, “during the 16 years we have been here, our objective has always been to create the ultimate in luxury experiences. Champagne is the luxury wine par excellence. The history, quality, and mysticism that surround this region and these exceptional wines is very much in line with our purpose as a company.”

VARIETIES: 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir.