Galatrona - Petrolo 2020

Galatrona - Petrolo 2020


The Petrolo 2020 Val d'Arno di Sopra Galatrona is a beautifully soft and supple expression with dark berries, chocolate mousse, dried herbs and a bit of chili pepper heat show on the nose of this wine. The palate remains chocolatey but herbal, with a dark-cherry-syrup finish contrasted by chalky, gritty tannins and lingering heat. An absolute indulgence in the best way. The results are balanced and elegant, and this vintage has a beautiful manner in which it presents the intensity and depth of Tuscan Merlot without any of the heaviness or darkness you might anticipate. Everything comes together here with careful precision and wholeness.

Fermentation is in small barrels and amphoras, with manual punching down of the skins. Overall, a gorgeous wine and an extremely easy bottle to recommend. 20,000 bottles, with the Place de Bordeaux responsible for all distribution outside of Italy.

Organic certified since 2016. Owner and winemaker Luca Sanjust worked with the late Denis Durantou of L'Eglise Clinet during the early years of Petrolo, and certainly you can see some of the deft playing with the possibilities of Merlot that became the signature of both men.