Fritz Waßmer Pinot - Syrah, a red wine from Baden, Germany.

Fritz Waßmer Pinot - Syrah

Red Wine
Germany | Region: Baden
Vintage: 2018 | Grape: Pinot Noir & Syrah
Volume: 75cl | ABV: 13%

Fritz Waßmer Pinot - Syrah

The Pinot & Syrah brings together two supposedly separate wine worlds. The elegance of Pinot Noir meets the spice of Syrah. In retrospect, it represents a logical consequence of the company’s commitment to both grape varieties. This unusual blend gives the sweet fruit of the Pinot Noir a boost with peppery, spicy Syrah notes. The Syrah grape in cool climates has many of the characteristics of the thin-skinned, fussy Pinot Noir and together they combine a lavishly spicy, basket of sweet dark fruits, with blueberries, blackberries, cherries, and hints of dried fruit with a finely woven woody aroma. Delicate and fine on the palate, this blend clearly shows its Pinot Noir origins.

Tasting Notes

Young, dark fruit - plum, raspberry and blueberry - spicy black pepper and cloves tickle the nose. The same fine fruity notes show up on the palate. Nice balance between fruit, spice and tannin with a solid mouthfeel and a pleasing length.

Serving temperature: approx. 18°C.