Dreissegacker Estate Grauburgunder

Dreissegacker Estate Grauburgunder


The grapes for the Pinot Gris come from organically farmed vineyards around Bechtheim and Westhofen and were selectively harvested by hand into small standard containers. Dreissigacker’s conviction that all wines should be bottled as gently as possible is also reflected in this estate wine: the grapes were transported without pumps and exclusively by means of gravity.

Grapes were spontaneously fermented and aged 70% in stainless steel and 30% in tonneau and barrels. First the wine was stored on the full yeast for four months. It then rested on the fine lees until it was bottled. 

Due to the expansion in stainless steel barrels, the fruit and complexity of the Pinot Gris are preserved. The wood content gives it strength and character while ensuring harmony.

Cod ceviche with baked sweet potatoes or a veggie bowl with millet, lukewarm goat cheese and pomegranate are recommended as food pairings. Both dishes underline the fine fruit aromas and the spiciness of the wine and harmonize perfectly with the Dreissigacker Pinot Gris. Certified Vegan and Organic.