Cotswolds No.1 Wildflower Gin 70cl, from the Cotswolds, England, available at Divino, Mqabba, Malta.

Cotswolds No.1 Wildflower Gin 70cl

England | Region: Cotswolds
Volume: 70cl | ABV: 41.7%

Inspired by the glorious grasslands of the Cotswolds

The finest ingredients
The No.1 Wildflower Gin starts with a London Dry base featuring juniper, coriander and angelica, to which essences of cornflowers, lavender, orange and rhubarb root are added.

Lovingly crafted
The making of the No.1 Wildflower Gin begins by distilling a London Dry base which contains juniper, coriander and angelica root in a 500L Holstein still, Lorelei, taking only the purest part of the spirit run known as the ‘hearts’. The spirit is then blended with the finest essences of orange, lavender, cornflowers and rhubarb root before adding a touch of sugar syrup and filtered water to bring the final bottling down to 41.7% ABV. 

Tasting Notes

Subtle floral notes reminiscent of summer meadows with fragrant orange blossom and soft piney juniper. On the palate the Wildflower gin is delicate, floral notes of lavender with sweet bursts of fresh orange. Finishing off with a refreshingly dry, clean and balanced with a lingering hint of bitter-sweet marmalade.  

Serving Suggestions 

The No.1 Wildflower Gin is delicious served as a spritz mixed with premium tonic and a slice of orange.