Bourgogne Pinot Noir Regnard 2023

Bourgogne Pinot Noir Regnard 2023


Understanding and enjoying red Burgundy can stay simple and without having to break the bank.

A fine red Burgundy will display refined nuances of black currant, red fruit, earth, spice, alluring floral aromatics and have great elegance, complexity and longevity - this entry level Pinot Noir has it all albeit being packaged as entry level. Whilst we cannot expect the complexity and aging ability of its bigger ( & more expensive brothers) this Pinot Noir is sure to delight.

Hailing from one of the  oldest and most prestigious houses in Burgundy, founded in 1860 by Zéphir Régnard and then bought out in 1984 by renowned Baron Patrick de Ladoucette who has perpetuated the style and tradition of the wines ever since.

As with all their wines, the grapes are harvested by hand to ensure top quality followed by malolactic fermentation in stainless steel vats to ensure the wine has structure and depth. It is then clarified and lightly filtered before bottling.

Affordable Burgundy Pinot Noirs have become a thing of the past, but this Bourgogne Rouge by Régnard has defied the odds and produced a charming Pinot Noir that we will be drinking all throughout this summer. We suggest decanting this wine for an hour before serving, to help in coercing the beautiful flavours out of the wine and then chilling the wine to a cool 15 degrees Celsius before serving in a large Pinot Noir glass. Be warned however - it is dangerously smooth and easy drinking!

Serving Suggestion:

Decant for one hour and chill to 15 degrees Celsius. Serve in a large Pinot Noir glass

Food Pairing

Due to the light, delicate tannins keep your foods light and delicate. Salmon & Tuna are incredibly delicious pairings, as are duck or poultry. Make sure the meats are not too rich and wont overpower the delicate wine. Appetizers such as charcuterie or mushroom bites are delightful and this is also a great wine with Pizza funghi or even simple toasties such as Croque Monsieur.