Altolandon - Dulce Enero 50cl (Ice Wine)

Altolandon - Dulce Enero 50cl (Ice Wine)


100% Petit Manseng. The name of the grape comes from its small, thick skin berries. With small yields of the grapevine, they’re left on the vine till January (Enero) to produce an Ice Wine. Vinified as a richly sweet wine with stone fruit characters such as peach, apricot, citrus & sweet spice.

This low yielding variety enjoys a long ripening season; giving the grapes time on the vine to shrivel. Sugar content is concentrated as the excess water evaporates. The thick skin, loose bunches & a high level of acidity makes this extended time on the vine possible. This variety is able to retain the acidity, balancing out the sweetness contributed by the naturally high sugar content, without danger of botrytis.

Harvested in January, when temperatures have remained below minus five degrees for at least five consecutive days but never below minus 13 degrees. These weather conditions mark the beginning of this harvest, which is
why this wine cannot be produced every year. Manual harvest of frozen but healthy grapes without rot, which are quickly pressed in the same vineyard as the grape, with the ice crystals still in the grape which causes a high
concentration of sugars in the must & acidity, due to the dehydration.

This improves the extraction of the aromatic components. Fermentation with native yeast is a very slow process, it can take 2 to 3 months & it’s done in small stainless steel tanks. A completely natural wine, no sulfites, stabilization or clarification. Everything happens by natural sedimentation process.

Golden almost amber in colour, very intense nose with tropical fruits, peach, apricot, citrus fruits & spices making it very attractive. Palate with complex aromas of white & stone fruit, a medium body with a long finish, sweet but fresh due to its acidity. Therefore not cloying, very mineral, with persistent hints of honey.

Ideal as an aperitif, or to accompany foie gras or cheeses, especially strong and tasty cheeses but surprising with Iberico ham, snacks, ice cream, cheese cake or sponge cake & a very rich dark chocolate. Also great with prawns with lemongrass, cilantro & ginger, a glazed apricot tart, chilled bananas & lychees in sweet coconut milk Certified Organic & Vegan.

Ideal serving temperature 8ºC.