Adamus Organic Dry Gin 70cl

Adamus Organic Dry Gin 70cl


To create Adamus Dry Gin, 86 different botanicals were tested, distilled in various processes and from these, the best 18 were selected with one interesting singularity: this is the only gin in which one of the botanicals is the Bairrada's famous grape variety - Baga. The natural botanicals that are selected, are individually distilled in the traditional distillation coppers through steam distillation. The numbering and the packaging of every bottle is carried out manually with commitment and dedication in order to have a complete control of each gin bottle.

Adamus has a floral and lightly fruity aroma and a complex flavor, with lavender, herbs, honeysuckle and grapefruit as the main tasting notes. Regarding its color, it is crystal clear with a medium length and dry finish.

The special bottle of this gin also shows one of the things that Portugal is known for, which is the cork. It emphasizes the naturalness of this drink and gives it a unique look.