Jameson Irish Whiskey 70cl & 2 Tumbler Glasses Gift Set
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Jameson Irish Whiskey 70cl & 2 Tumbler Glasses Gift Set

Irish Whiskey
Volume: 70cl | ABV: 40%

The Gift Set

Why not try a refreshing Jameson dry and lime in your very own Jameson tumbler glasses! Simply fill you glass with ice cubes, pour 30ml of Jameson, top up the glass with dry ginger ale and don’t forget the lime wedge. Pack includes a 70cl bottle of Jameson and two Jameson tumbler glasses.

Triple distilled, twice as smooth, one of a kind.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is a blended Irish whiskey. What’s that we hear you say. Well first, the best of pot still and fine grain whiskeys are selected. These are then triple distilled, which gives the whiskey its signature smoothness. Finally, they are aged in oak casks for a minimum of 4 years.

Tasting Notes

Nose: A light floral fragrance, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes.

Taste: The perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness.

Finish: Smooth and mellow.